I have always been intrigued by capturing the moment of action or beauty of the nature in a picture. From an early age I have experimented with any camera I got my hands on. I was taking pictures while going for a walk and participating in numerous family or social events. Using most common cameras we had in our family, I tried to develop sense for composition, proportions and the right angles for taking pictures. Later on, when I started to use reflex camera, I have been amazed by other aspects of photography such as understanding the lenses, the path of the light, setting up the right exposition and time, which gave me yet another fields to explore.

My passion in photography is mainly in capturing live action unobserved (street life, family celebrations), people in motion (dancing, partying, doing sports), joy of children and their activities, beauty of the nature, stillness and technical aspects of architecture. I believe that pictures should capture natural way of life, like squares filled with people doing all sort of activities, somebody laughing to a joke, squirrel just accidently jumping around or a couple enjoying a romantic dance together.

In my compositions I use post-processing as a tool, either to adjust colour and light to better correspond with the human eye or to emphasize the focal point of the photo.

Art of photography was and always will be something that is fascinating me and there will always be somebody walking down the street with a smile that is worth to be captured or a crocus which will be forgotten after fading.