New synagogue in Trutnov

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The diploma project is an elaborate design of a synagogue including associated facilities for the Jewish population in Trutnov. The proposition is designed in the phase of architectural study. The location of the proposal is placed near the historic centre of Trutnov. The intention of the proposal was to respect the conditions of the surroundings and relations with the environment and at the same time provide the Jewish population with representative and sufficiently sized spaces for their activities. The main building also provides an opportunity for chance encounters between the Jewish population and the public, thus indirectly contributing to the growth of the Jewish community and awareness of Judaism as such.
The main building is a three-storey building placed in the terrain so that it forms natural "stairs" in the slope of the hill. The roofs of the building also serve as walking terraces, which ensure the accessibility and walkability of the plot. In the basement there are garages, the 1st floor contains a kosher restaurant and space for co-working. On the last floor, a mikveh, a space for the administration of the Jewish community and an archive of Jewish literature are designed.
The second designed building is a newly designed synagogue, which stands on the site of the old synagogue. The original synagogue was burned out during Crystal night. The design pays respect to the original synagogue by including the floor plan of it in the paving pattern.



june 2021