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This student competition was held by the foundation Dřevo pro život (Wood for life). You could choose to compete in two categories based on the area of the design. Our project was classified in the category "wooden constructions - small". According to the instructions, at least 50% of the construction was supposed to be made of wood. Also was supposed to include the topic "wood protects us".

We decided to take it from the currently most important perspective - sustainability, human well-being and microclimate of cities. Oasis is a project that is pointing out all the weak points in this area and showing how we can help it. 

The layout is very simple. It is devided into two spaces. Outer informative circle and inside chill-out circle. The outer circle serves for presentation of basic ideas for sustainable behaviour. What a normal person can do to help the planet and the local enviroment in simple ways. The inner circle is pure oasis. You can find here complete silence and fresh air supplemented with greenery. This space is made as close to nature as it can be, so that one can see the contrast from the outer urban enviroment. You can also observe the sunlight dropping through the leaves of a beautiful tree from down below. The whole space has fine microclimate thanks to climate control with recuperation and also acoustic isolation from outer space. You can literaly feel the stress leaving from your body and mind. 

The base of the construction is formed by two concentric circles of wooden columns. They are connected by timbers that hold the roof construction. The facade is covered with wooden slats cut into smooth wave-like curve.  



Collaboration: Markéta Kubitová, Petra Neklapilová



june 2019