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Superstudio is student open competition held every year in three to five bigger Czech cities. Everyone studying architecture can join and try to give their best. Basic idea is that after announcing the assignment, students have 24 hours to complete the task together with presentation of their work. 

Assigment of this year was to create a pop-up park in the centre of Prague (on unusued defined plot) from shipping containers, that could be dismantled after few years. It should include some space for leisure activities, concerts, shops for retailers and public restrooms. 

We were working with shape of the plot and tried to shade it as much as possible from surrounding streets (quite busy roads) to create peaceful enviroment in the middle of the city. Toilets, retails, café and shelter for musicians are created from shipping containers and there are also another elements that have the same idea of sustainability (playing element for children from tires, flowerpots and "tables" from barrels). Part of the area is covered in wooden boards merging into grass in the second part. 


Collaboration: Petra Neklapilová, Markéta Kubitová



march 2017