Reconstruction of Østerled

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School project was made during Erasmus + study programme in the VIA University located in the city of Horsens in Denmark. 

It was assigned to propose a sustainable refurbishment for multistorey residential building on adress Østerled 4-7. The proposal had to include: residential area, light commercial area, common facilities e.g. gym, daycentre and remaining the existing usage of the building for living.

The proposal of reconstruction preserves the main load-bearing brick walls. Denmark is well known for revealed brick walls with amazing patterns. That is why our proposal tried to keep this appearence by putting Isoklinker system on top of new insulation layer. Old staircase area was demolished and replecaed by volume of prefabricated panels framing new staircase and elevator. There are 4 flats on each floor with 2 flats and common room in the attic. Basement contains storage rooms for bikes, common laundry room, bike workshop and some storage space for each dwelling. Whole roof construction is made from scratch and is including spacious dormers that are making the living more exclusive.

Whole design is connected by sustainability, so there are implemented sollar panels, as much as possible material is reused on the construction. Also design of decentralised ventilation system alows natural flow of air in dwellings.

This project was chosen for bachelor project in spring 2018.

Collaboration: Milena Górska, Frederik Kjøler, Jakub Adam, Tatiana Lifciu


autumn 2016