Autosalon Volkswagen

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Assigment of this task was to create one volume that would incorporate showroom of Volkswagen with adjoined car servis on a plot located in Brno - Zábrdovice. 

Basic shape of the floorplan was deduced from shape of the parcel and best angle of view on front of the showroom where the most attractive cars are displayed. Volume of showroom is surrounded by glass curtain wall and covered with subtle conrete shell. Part of the building with servis areas is distinguished by contrasting material - fiber cement boards in different shades of gray. 

Showroom ceiling level is elevated for more representative look and has one more build-in floor with offices. What is important on this project is its operational functionality. In the end of showroom was created volume of storeroom together with entrance for bringing in new car models. Servis area is providing enough servis spaces for the whole process of repairment for several cars at a time. 


spring 2015