Olomouc, house of bell-ringers

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This building, located on Václavské square 6 in Olomouc, has a historical connection to the nearby Cathedral of saint Václav. It has always been used to accommodate people working at the cathedral. Because of that, this building can be seen also as something sacred. This was the major reason for the design proposal of reconstruction of its interiors. 
Basic concept is to keep the original structure of the building with its beautiful arched ceilings and thick walls as preserved as possible and complete it with new finishes and modern elements. Wheelchair accessibility standards are part of the design.
The ground floor provides space for public activities such as music rehearsals, group exercises or small lectures. There is an adjoined library and a small kitchen available. The second half of the ground floor functions as workplace for the local pastor. It is divided into his office with access to a restroom, room for meetings with locals and room for other workers of the vicarage. The southern-central atrium can be supplemented with an elevator by needs of current pastor. 
The purpose of the second floor is to accommodate the pastor and his possible guests.

Another part of this project is also design of a system for visually impaired. It helps to guide them around the house and always let them know when they are located. The system consists of a mobile application that helps them understand it better. A person can determine with their feet what room they are entering to from small rounded marks on the floor grouped in different patterns.


spring 2017