AIWOODS EV charging station

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Every year tons of cut-out openings are generated from the CLT buildings construction. The residual elements of this valuable material are transformed into pellets and burned releasing CO2 in the atmosphere. Our innovative CLT modular structure reuses these elements minimizing waste material and preventing the release of CO2. This design illustrates how the modules can be used to create EV Charging Stations upcycling the previous waste material. In a world that is making a huge effort to cut out drastically CO2 emissions, Electric Vehicles will became year by year more common. However, there are still regions where the charging stations network is still not available. In Finland the current EV charging stations are concentrated mainly to the South. The modular construction consists of small easily transportable elements that can be used even in remote regions allowing for a more comprehensive network to be built.

The main unit of the modular EV charging station structure consists of three columns and a canopy. The three columns form a rigid and efficient structure optimizing material usage. The unit provides shelter for one car and a possibility to charge up to three cars. Even full size trucks can be charged in the 3m x 4,5m opening. All the elements are easily transportable with 2m x 0,8m as the maximum dimensions. The maximum weight of single unit is 80kg. These small units are a cost efficient way to build EV charging stations even in remote areas.


Collaboration: Jolma arkkitehdit



October 2020