Sonnentor interiors

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A company Sonnentor is specialized in making bio vegetal products. Their main focus is tea, spices, coffee and many others. All the ingredients are comming from local resources such as small family farms. They are trying to make their production as transparent as possible, giving the people maximum information about the product they are using. This idea of their company was also basis of an assigment of the competition for design of office space in their mother factory. 

The need of transparency of the company lead us to create a space with no visible limits where workers could feel connected to their work enviroment and also have some part of nature by their side. A purpouse of a central circular area is for relaxation, calls or meeting with co-workers when you don't want to disturb others. Each office is equipped with wooden tables from local wood, ergonomic chairs and storage space. Glass partition walls are partly covered with matted ornaments (they are already placed on the floor underneath). Ornaments are partly providing some privacy and also completing the whole feeling of the floor. 


Collaboration: Alena Mynarčíková



march 2016