Artbar Druhý pád

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This competition was created by the owner of artbar "Druhý pád" (transl. Second fall). His desire was to have a representative and creative roof above entrance to his bar. People can go there for many interesting plays, movies or concerts that are quite untraditional. 

We wanted the entrance to resemble idea behind this whole place and to lure passers-by in. Simple shaped volume was created from regular, affordable materials with play of light and colors. Whole structure is made from sheet metal that is painted in rusty orange from the bottom side, what is attracting sight of people waiting on nearby bus stop. On the side of the structure is laser-cut logo of Artbar. Design proposal is also including warm lighting that is creating smooth atmosphere during the night. 

Collaboration: Petra Neklapilová, Markéta Kubitová


september 2017