Leisure center

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Project is located in the city of Brno in the biggest park around city centre called Lužánky. Park is used by many people for sport activities such as jogging, playing tennis, biking, skating and many more. Thus the concept of the building was to elevate as much these activities as possible by its shape, form and function. The whole building is bridge-shaped so the top of it can be used for jogging/walking around and enjoying a nice view on sport activities happening behind the building. Entrance to the building is reachable by broad bridge above shallow mirroring water level or along the building. 

On the groundfloor you can find café, students workshop and dressing rooms for tennis players together with sanitary rooms. The second floor is providing space for galeria multi-purpouse space and two gyms with cloakrooms. Whole building is wheelchair accessible.



spring 2015